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My friends from the evening

Evenings… I have started to fall in love with them.After a tiring day at work, as I walk back towards my little nest … I meet them on my way.
“Them who?”, you may ask. They are these little birds that do this blissful chirping… and some of them blow that sweet whistle. It feels like they now know me very well and are happy to see me around. Makes me feel so special I tell you. And then there are these beautiful trees. Some small and some of them being huge. They all are now lush, fresh and blooming with colourful blossoms. A couple of them even greet me with maddening fragrance of their flowers… And again… there is this tiny but cutely flowing canal. A bit mild but yet lively sound of its water when it splashes against little rocks in its way… it hypnotises me, I must say. That very old wooden bridge right above this naughty canal…it asks me to talk with it for a while, everyday. Sometimes it tells me the sweet old stories of old couple living in a big farm-house nearby and also about those naughty deers that come there for drinking water and run away as fast as they come. The bridge says he gets angry on them for not even saying “hello” but never forgets to mention how much he loves them.

Then I meet these big farms, proudly showing their bright yellow Rapseed. It looks as if whole land is wearing yellow blanket with lush green skirting. And what should I say about this saffron Sun? I have never seen something as magnificent as him. He is brightest of them all in the sky but still down to earth. I guess I would hardly find something as humble as a setting Sun. Until last minute of his goodbye for the day, his grace and elegance do not fade by a tinge.

Today I stopped by the bridge and asked them all, “hey, can I become your friend? I feel so lonely.”
They all bursted into a laughter as if they knew I would ask it some day. And then one of them said, “Why not? But there is one condition!”

“What condition?”, I asked hurriedly.

“You need to be your own friend first, young man”, said the old bridge and everyone else nodded.

The confused me looked at the giant oak tree there. “Let me explain”, said the kind guy.

“All of us here are in harmony with each other. But before that, we are in harmony with ourselves. If you want to be one of us, you need to become one with your inner-self. The day you do that, you will find yourself among us.”

I believe I got it. What I have been seeking outside, must be deep down inside me too. Quietly thinking about it for a while, I smiled, felt like I got an answer I have been looking for. I thanked them and we parted our ways… with a promise to meet again tomorrow.

I can’t wait to become one of them someday! And be in harmony with myself first!

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